Editorial Response: Jaywalking

Cleveland, OH - My name is Ronald Rolling. I am a resident of the greater Cleveland Metropolitan area. I am responding to Bill Applegate's recent editorial regarding jaywalking in downtown Cleveland.

Mr. Applegate commented that driving downtown these days, especially during rush hour, means competing in a nerve-racking game of human dodge ball.

The problem of jaywalkers is not just confined to the downtown area. It is a problem that is prevalent throughout the metropolitan area. It is not specific to any social class or race.   People just walk into the flow of traffic, as if to dare the motorist to strike or even come close while driving past. I have even seen pedestrians stare down motorists while standing in the street; this seems to be a type of intimidation or dare if you will.

Something needs to be done to protect unsuspecting motorists from these tactics. This behavior is unsafe for the pedestrian, as well as dangerous for motorists. It makes me angry and frustrated to know that these individuals don't have more regard for their own safety and well-being.

Life is one of our most precious gifts. We should all know that self-preservation is the first law of human nature.