Judge Dismisses Some Counts Against Mother In Daughter's Rape

AKRON, Ohio (AP) - Four sex-related counts have been dismissed against a woman who still faces a trial on a charge of conspiring with her husband to impregnate their daughter with a syringe.

Assistant Summit County Prosecutor Brian LoPrinzi said two charges each of complicity to sexual battery and rape against Narda Goff, 43, of nearby Stow, were dismissed Monday in the interest of justice.

She still faces trial Wednesday on charges of conspiracy to commit sexual battery and child endangering.

Her husband, John Goff, 40, faces a trial later on rape and sexual battery charges alleged by his stepdaughter.

He was indicted on the statute which he and his wife fought to enact after their daughter's rapist in another case was acquitted because of a loophole in Ohio law.

The Goffs have pleaded innocent and plan to claim that their daughter, then 16, willingly allowed seminal injections to fulfill her mother's wish to give her new husband a child. Mrs. Goff, who has multiple sclerosis, felt she was too old and sick to bear a child.

The Goffs claim their daughter, now 18, is mentally unstable and has contrived the rape charges to beat them in a custody battle over the child, now 2½.

The daughter contends her stepfather molested her from the time she was 9. During that time, the girl said she also was raped by a family acquaintance.

Several years ago, the Goffs campaigned for changes to Ohio's rape law after the girl was molested and the suspect was acquitted on a technicality. Lawmakers changed the law in 1996 to include penetration with any object as a component to rape.

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