Browns Stadium Flushes Away Problems

CLEVELAND (AP) - About 300 people spent 30 minutes flushing the 1,500 toilets and urinals inside Cleveland Browns Stadium to make sure malfunctioning valves that caused flooding during a concert had been repaired.

The test Wednesday was a success, meaning the stadium is ready to host the Browns' first preseason game Saturday against the Kansas City Chiefs, team spokesman Bill Bonsiewicz said.

The Browns' locker room was completely gutted after water flooded the lower service level of the stadium during a Kenny Chesney concert July 14.

Officials initially believed a broken water pipe under the team shop - the main supply of water to the 72,000-seat stadium - caused the problem. The city later determined that plastic valves inside toilets did not close properly, causing them to overflow.

After the valves were replaced, the Browns needed to conduct a flushing test to make sure the new parts were working properly. The team asked for volunteers through the city's recreation centers and youth sports leagues.

Chaperones were given walkie-talkies, and there was a countdown so toilets would be flushed at the same time. The process was repeated until all the toilets were tested.

Volunteers received a bag of chips and a soda, and they were given a chance to walk around the stadium.

The Browns and the city have to work out who will pay for the repairs, which have been estimated at $1 million. The city owns the stadium and leases it to the Browns.