Teen Pleads Guilty to Raping, Shooting Ex-Girlfriend

FIRST ON 19 ACTION NEWS: With tears streaming down his face, the teenager accused of raping and shooting his ex-girlfriend in the face pleaded guilty.

Juan Ruiz entered the plea on Friday before a courtroom packed with Johanna Orozco's friends and family.

It's the first time the two have seen each other since the night Ruiz turned a gun on Orozco - and blew away part of her face.

Ruiz's plea deal allowed some of the minor charges - such as burglary and trespassing - to be omitted.

Instead, the 17-year-old pleaded guilty to a slew of other, more serious charges like rape, attempted aggravated murder, retaliation and escape.

Ruiz now faces up to 41-years behind bars.

The shooting outraged the community because Ruiz - wasn't held in custody pending trial for allegedly raping Orozco.

Rather, he was granted home detention and electronic monitoring by Magistrate Laura Williams because he had only one minor prior charge on his record.

Magistrates and justices often are forced to release suspects on electronic monitoring because the juvenile detention center is "double capacity."

Magistrate Williams endured heavy scrutiny for her decision to free Ruiz - but defended her decision to let the troubled teen go free on house arrest.

Orozco's family hopes Ruiz will be sentenced to the maximum time in prison since they fear that once he's free, he may try and harm Johanna again.