Councilman Not Cool With 'Dope Style' Message On Billboard

CLEVELAND (AP) - A Cleveland councilman's objection to a billboard ad that referred to QUOTE: "dope style" has led to ad being pulled.

The Pernod Ricard USA Seagram's brand ad in Cleveland was taken down yesterday -- the same day it was posted.

It displayed a smiling young woman's face and the comment: "I bring dope style and laughs, what do you bring to the party?"

Councilman Michael Polensek has been vocal about crime and drug activity in urban neighborhoods, and says he told the company he feared the ad promoted drug abuse.

Mark Orr with Pernod Ricard USA says the placement of the ad in Ohio and seven other states has now been halted.

Orr said that was never the intent to promote drugs.

He says "dope style" is known to mean -- cool.