Burke Lakefront Airport Sponsors Disaster Drill

CLEVELAND,OH - Burke Lakefront Airport will hold an emergency disaster drill on Saturday in order to test their Airport Emergency Plan in accordance with FAA Part 139 Certification requirements.

The primary purpose of this drill is to combine a series of emergency events that are designed to fully test the Department of Port Control's emergency response protocol as well as the emergency command and control function.

"Our hats are off to the men and women who have spent months planning this imaginative scenario that will play out before us today. The security and safety of the traveling public holds the highest priority at Burke. While all of us pray that the practice that enhances our service is never needed, we know that if the occasion should arise we are ready to response swiftly and respond efficiently," said Airport Director Ricky Smith.

Although the Department of Port Control sponsors this drill, other agencies participate in order to test their individual emergency protocols. These agencies include the Cleveland Departments of Police, Fire, EMS and Public Health, American Red Cross, CECOMS, Cuyahoga County Emergency Management Agency, Veterans Administration, and numerous area hospitals and various suburban Fire and EMS Units that share mutual aid agreements with Burke Airport.

Both practical and simulated events are scheduled during this exercise. The scenario depicts the appropriate response when a C-130 doing a low altitude flyby suffers structural failure and crashes near the east end of the airfield.

Approximately 40 victims will participate in the exercise, many of whom will be transported to local hospitals for additional emergency protocol exercise.