Cedar Point Removing Ride That Collapsed In January

SANDUSKY, Ohio (AP) - A thrill ride that collapsed at Cedar Point amusement park when it was closed in January will be removed permanently, park officials said Wednesday.

Cedar Point operators decided even though they don't know what caused one of the steel towers to fall, few people would be willing to get on the ride, said Cedar Fair President Richard Kinzel.

A steel tower that supported the new slingshot ride called VertiGo broke off about 65 feet above ground, sending much of the 265-foot tower crashing down.

No one was hurt and there was minimal damage to the grounds near the ride. There were no unusually strong winds at the time, park officials said.

Cedar Fair, which operates Cedar Point along Lake Erie, also will remove the same ride at Knott's Berry Farm near Los Angeles.

Park workers and the ride's manufacturer, S&S Power of Logan, Utah, have been inspecting the ride. S&S Power General Manager Rich Allen said the company never had any problems with its rides before.

VertiGo opened in August and is one of only three rides like it in the United States.

The ride straps up to six passengers into a triangular carriage and launches them nearly 300 feet into the air at speeds reaching 50 mph.

Passengers pay per ride and the attraction is not included in the park's regular admission price.

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