Former Mayor In Court Being Sued For Slander

CLEVELAND - When Michael White (pictured, right) ran Cleveland City Hall, he usually said exactly what he thought, whether you liked it or not. On Wednesday, something he said landed him before a judge, 19/43 News' Ed Gallek exclusively reported.

White is on trial in civil court for slander. He is being sued by a city firefighter who claims White called him a thief, said that he was dishonest and made the accusation that he stole money from the people of the city of Cleveland.

The lawsuit said that White made those comments after Jonathan Parries had been cleared of theft charges.

As he left court with his attorneys on Wednesday, White refused to comment on the case. In court papers, however, White has already denied the slander charge.

"He's got no comment," one of his attorneys said.

The trial will start on Thursday, and if White loses, taxpayers could have to pay for at least some of the damages that a jury might award.