List Of Recalled Mattel Items

List includes Mattel recalls announced since August 4, 1998. For general recall information on any product, and for earlier Mattel recalls, please visit
Date Description Product #

Mattel Playsets with Magnet Hazard Recall

J1944 J1946 J4142 J5114 J5115 G4457
G4458 G4459 G4460 G4461 G4462 G4464
G9703 H1530 H1532 H1533 55503 B2632
B3158 B3201 B3203 B3204 B3207 B3209
B3210 B3211 B3396 B7078 B7082 B7118
B7125 B7127 B7129 B8478 B9521 B9522
B9523 B9525 B9578 B9929 C0504 C0505
C1341 C1342 G8602 G8605 G8612 G8614
G8615 H1537 H1538 H1553 H1554 H3211
J1659 J1661 J1662 J1670 J1681 J1687
J1695 J4169 J4170 J4171 J4172 J9305
J9306 J9648 J9965 J9966 K3460
08/14/2007 Barbie® Doll and TannerTM Magnet Hazard Recall
J9472 J9560
08/14/2007 Pixar Cars Sarge Lead Paint Hazard Recall
H6414 M1253 K5925 L6294 L4051
08/01/2007 Fisher-Price Toys with Lead Paint Hazard Recall
H5570 J6763 L5202 H4649 L3507 B7888
90267 H3344 H5569 J6765 L5813 J9451
93107 G9717 93492 J0338 H9124 K3580
H4628 H6859 K3571 J0346 93493 J6537
H9125 K0617 H8236 J1136 34658 33662
93615 J0343 H9186 L3194 H8237 K9287
90614 33664 B7554 J0344 H9188 H4187
H8238 L5342 87946 90611 B7989 J0345
H2943 L3215 M0524 K2448 93780 K0730
C6908 H9203 K4139 L0305 M0527 90609
93308 90745 C6911 J9518 K4140 M0351
M2051 90613 93307 C6909 C6910 J9692
M0352 M2052 90612 39054 B7987 B9620
K3414 J5935 H4650 G5112 J7983 93068
39038 J6762 J5936 J2248 M0732 G3825
33663 H3343