Editorial: Beleaguered Mayor

Cleveland, OH - Mayor Frank Jackson finally emerged from his cocoon this week to address the lawlessness that has gripped the city this summer.

Only what he had to offer is way too little and certainly way too late. The mayor said he wants to transfer up to 45 police officers from the airport to the streets of Cleveland this fall. That's an improvement over what we have now - but it's not nearly enough to place a tourniquet over the avenues of crime that are bleeding into the city. And, more distressing is the mayor's announcement that this is part of an overall safety plan that he has been working on since he took office a year ago.

Street punks are mowing down suburban theater goers on Prospect Avenue and 45 additional cops is the best the mayor can come up with after more than a year of planning? It's nothing more than a band-aid offered up by a beleaguered mayor who doesn't know what else to do.