Police Plan To Charge Woman Who Made Bomb Threat

CLEVELAND - The woman who made a bomb threat and stopped traffic in Downtown Cleveland during Wednesday's rush hour had better hope that police don't find her, 19/43 News reported.

Authorities plan to slap the woman with a list of charges for the mess that she caused.

The trouble started at the Amtrak station on South Marginal Road. The female driver of a white car told an RTA bus driver that she had a bomb in the vehicle, and then she walked away.

Police shut down major roads out of the city, stopping traffic during the commute. It took more than an hour for the bomb squad to figure out that it was a false alarm.

In the meantime, an underground explosion during Wednesday's bomb scare made things even worse.

Just a couple of city blocks away from the car, two separate loud bangs came from a manhole. The bangs were followed by a lot of reddish-brown smoke.

Firefighters used a fan to blow away all of the smoke, and when they peered inside the manhole they found that the explosion was caused by an electrical arc or short circuit in the area.

Cleveland Public Power crews said that it is a fairly routine problem. They said that it was nothing to be worried about, but the bad timing of it had many people concerned.