Former Mayor Reaches Settlement With City Firefighter

CLEVELAND – Former Cleveland mayor Michael White (pictured, right) walked away from a lawsuit on Thursday by reaching a settlement with a city firefighter who was suing him for slander, 19/43 News reported.

White showed up for the slander trial on Thursday, but the case never made it that far because both sides agreed to settle.

Jonathan Parries was suing White because he claimed that the former mayor called him a thief, said that he was dishonest and made the accusation that he stole money from the people of the city of Cleveland.

The lawsuit had said that White made those comments after Jonathan Parries had been cleared of theft charges.

As he left court with his attorneys on Wednesday, White refused to comment on the case. In court papers, however, White had already denied the slander charge.

"He's got no comment," one of his attorneys said.

Neither side would say who is paying or how much would be paid out, and it is not yet known if taxpayers would have to pick up any of the court costs.