FavorList - What Goes Around, Comes Around

We're encouraging people to do favors for one another, and we believe we can set up an amazing system of favors for people who need it. "Doing unto others" can be a really rewarding experience. We can't wait to read all the testimonials of people who've given and received favors. So let the FavorList begin!

How does it work?

It's very simple. You register. Select the favors you are willing to do, and select the favors you want. Then search the favorlist to see who needs a favor you're willing to do, or who's willing to do a favor that you need. You negotiate a price (in favor credits) and a time to do the favor with the other member. When the favor is complete, you'll leave feedback about the other member. Once the favor passes our internal review process we'll transfer the credits to the account of the person who did the favor. And that person can use those credits to buy more favors!

What is the internal review process?

In order to promote fairness and safety for all our members, we need to validate that every favor that is claimed to have been performed is actually performed. There are two options available for getting your favor reviewed successfully.

What kind of favors are available?

Nearly anything you can think of. We are a community-driven site and allow our members to submit favors to be added to the list. Once these are validated by our moderators to be legal as well as not sexual in nature, they are added to the list.

Tell me about the Favor Credits

When you register, you receive an initial quantity of 100 favor credits. You can earn an additional 100 favor credits by getting validated (option 2 of the internal review process). The cost of each favor is market-driven in our community, and vary by favor. When you reach an agreement to receive a favor, the credits are deducted from your account and go into "escrow" until the favor passes the internal review. Once the favor passes the credits are moved into the account of the member who performed the favor.

What incentives do you offer?

In an effort to promote the exchange of favors on our site we offer promotions and incentives such as contests and items that can be purchased with your favor credits.