NFL Sacks Michael Vick

RICHMOND, Va. (AP) - Michael Vick's NFL career is in serious jeopardy. The NFL has suspended the Atlanta Falcons quarterback indefinitely without pay. The punishment was doled out hours after Vick admitted to conspiracy in a dogfighting ring and helping to kill pit bulls. Vick says he only bankrolled the operation and didn't bet on the fights.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell (guh-DEHL') says Vick's conduct was "not only illegal but also cruel and reprehensible." Goodell adds that regardless of whether Vick personally placed bets, his actions in funding the betting and his association with illegal gambling both violate the terms of his NFL player contract.

Goodell says he'll review the status of the suspension following the conclusion of legal proceedings.

Vick is scheduled to formally enter his plea Monday. He's not expected to be sentenced for several months. Nike also formally severed its ties with Vick following the NFL's move.