Michael Vick Fact Sheet


-- Made in Richmond, Virginia

-- Admits bankrolling gambling on dogfighting.

-- Insists he placed no bets of his own, nor took any winnings.

-- Admits helping kill 6-8 dogs.


-- Atlanta Falcons aren't cutting Vick immediately because of salary-cap issues

-- team intends to pursue $22 million in bonus money that he already received

-- had signed $130 million contract in 2004.

-- Vick suspended indefinitely.

-- Suspension is without pay.

-- Commissioner: conduct illegal, cruel, and reprehensible.

-- Commissioner: gambling admissions violate his NFL contract.


-- Sentencing set for Dec. 10.

-- Judge not bound by recommendation, could give up to 5 years.

-- Judge Henry Hudson has reputation for stiff sentences.


-- "First I want to apologize for all the things that I've done and that I have allowed to happen"

-- "I made a mistake in using bad judgment and making bad decisions."

-- "Dogfighting is a terrible thing."

-- apologized "to all the young kids out there for my immature acts."

" I totally ask for forgiveness and understanding as I move forward to bettering Michael Vick the person, not the football player."

-- "I offer my deepest apologies to everyone. And I will redeem myself. I have to."


-- Began in April with raid on Vick's Virginia home.

-- Dogs and equipment commonly used in dogfighting were found.

-- Some dogs were injured.

-- Federal indictment in July against Vick and 3 others.

-- Charge: interstate dogfighting conspiracy.

-- Vick initially denied any involvement.

-- 3 co-defendants struck plea bargains.