Murder Victim's Family Fights to Keep Convicted Killer Behind Bars

Lake County, OH - A murder victim's family is fighting to keep a convicted killer behind bars.

Charles Skinner is eligible for parole after he violently beat a man to death 28-years ago.

Marvin "Butch" Mace was killed at the age of 20 while standing outside a Painesville bar in his Army uniform in 1979.

Skinner was sentenced 15-years to life but has already been out of prison three times.

Each time Skinner was released, he was re-arrested within days.

Mace's family wants the parole board to keep Skinner locked up for good.

"We've got to fight," said the victim's sister, Brenda Widger. "We don't want this murderer, who so violently killed my brother, out."

A parole hearing is slated for September 18th.