Firefighter, 2 Others Revive Boy Who Almost Drowned in Pond

NORTH ROYALTON, Ohio (AP) - Authorities in a town near Cleveland say a firefighter, a respiratory technician and a man who found a missing 2-year-old boy not breathing and floating face down in a neighborhood pond combined to revive the toddler.

The boy wandered away from his aunt's house in North Royalton on Saturday.

Neighbor Tim Kraynik heard the boy's mother screaming as she searched.

Kraynik found the boy in a pond at a nearby house and rushed him to the home of his next-door neighbor, Parma firefighter Brian Flanagan.

Flanagan compressed the boy's chest while his wife, Laura, a respiratory technician, performed mouth-to-mouth.

Kraynik called 911, and seconds later, the toddler whimpered and cried.

The boy's father says the boy is doing well.