Benefits of Reading Aloud As a Family

Research has shown that reading out loud to children is the single most important thing a parent can do to prepare a child for future academic success. Here are some of the benefits of reading books to your children:

Reading aloud helps to bond the parent and child.

Reading aloud provides a shared family frame of reference and the material for family "in jokes" We got lots of these when we read the Ralph Moody series together.

Being read to helps a child to understand the purpose of the printed word.

Being read to builds a child's vocabulary beyond what he is able to read for himself, and provides the background for a new reader to recognize new words he is decoding because he knows what they mean.

Being read to helps a young child learn the connection between the written and printed word.

Being read to entices a child into an exciting world of learning and entertainment

Being read to helps a child absorb great amounts of information about the world and how it works, especially if parents lead children into discussing what is read.

Being read to develops listening skills.

Reading books aloud gives the family an alternative to the media for entertainment.

Being read to helps the child develop a taste for excellent literature.

One will only get the maximum good from reading aloud if books are carefully chosen and appropriate for the age and interests of your child. We will offer several suggestions in these pages, and there are also many books written to help parents choose the best literature.