Mayor Suspends East Cleveland Police Chief, Dodges Questions

East Cleveland, OH - A veteran police chief is off the job this hour.

City Hall very tight-lipped after the mayor of East Cleveland suspends Chief Patricia Lane.

Mayor Brewer issued the following statement:

"I have temporarily assigned Lt. Ralph Spotts to serve, until further notice, as Acting Chief of the East Cleveland Department of Police. There are no public records available in any document that will reveal my motivation for the decision. The media may speculate about the decision, but it does so with a reckless disregard for the truth."

"The media forgets or may not care that its coverage of decisions made by elected and public officials affects the lives, reputations and credibility of good people. These individuals have families, friends and others who love and support them through all controversies. A decision to temporarily appoint one person in an acting position is not a reflection on the character or integrity of the person whose job have been temporarily assigned to hold."