Husband Stands Accused Of Gunning Down Wife

LAKEWOOD, Ohio - A family fight spilled into the streets on Tuesday, and now a husband stands accused of gunning down his wife of 25 years in the middle of the neighborhood, 19/43 News reported.

The woman ran down the street and made it to a neighbor's front porch. The neighbor's frantic 911 call tells the rest of the story.

"Oh my god! There's a gun in front of my house with a naked lady, and I just heard the shot," the neighbor told the operator.

Crime scene tape and officers marked the house on Newman Avenue following the shooting. The incident is an unusual occurrence in Lakewood. It is the community's first murder in three years.

"This kind of significant violent crime doesn't happen very often," Lakewood Police Department Chief Dan Clark said. "We haven't had a homicide since 1999."

Lakewood Police told 19/43 News that Joe Madera was charged with murder on Wednesday afternoon.

The couple had three children.