Parents Worried Because Student Might Have Meningitis

LORAIN, Ohio – There's another meningitis scare in Lorain County, 19/43 News reported.

This time, a 3-year-old girl is suspected of having bacterial meningitis, which is the worst type of the disease.

The little girl attends Vincent Elementary School as part of the Head Start program.

The Lorain County Health Department said that meningitis has not yet been confirmed, but that's not stopping parents of other children at the school from getting nervous.

"If a 3-year-old child has the virus, maybe the rest of the students have the virus too," concerned parent Raphael Lopez said. "They play with each other. You never know."

The toddler is currently in guarded condition at MetroHealth Medical Center. As a precaution, all of her classmates and teachers are taking antibiotics.

Meanwhile in Summit County, a 15-year-old Barberton High School student who came down with bacterial meningitis nearly two weeks ago walked out of Akron Children's Hospital on Tuesday.

Savanna Campbell almost died from the disease.

Savanna's mother, Carol Campbell, said that she first realized how sick her daughter was when she noticed a purple rash.

"Then she started talking some weird, awful stuff, just not making any sense," Carol said. "She said she was having trouble breathing and that was when I took her to Barberton emergency. That was pretty scary."

Savanna could return to school on Friday.