Children Have Easy Access To Sexually Explicit Material

CLEVELAND – The Investigator Tom Meyer has a warning for parents: Whether it's comic books, video games or movies, your kids have easy access to violent and sexually explicit entertainment.

19/43 News followed two 14-year-olds, and watched them successfully buy mature-rated video games at every store that they visited. Also, two other underage kids had a 100-percent success rate when trying to buy tickets to R-rated movies.

For more sex and violence, kids can go to their local comic book store.

19/43 News sent a 14-year-old boy to three places to see if he could buy comic books for mature readers. Inside these books are topless and totally naked women, men and women in sex positions and foul language.

19/43 News showed the comic books to a parent of the boy who agreed to go shopping.

"When I saw these filthy rags in a comic book store, I couldn't believe young children can go in and pick this up," parent John Anthony said.

That's exactly what happened. The 14-year-old was able to buy mature comic books at two out of the three stores he visited. B & I Comics on Ridge Road refused to sell the child a comic book that was intended for those 18 and older.

"I don't want to have people's parents come back and yell at me for something they should be responsible for," store manager Larry Zjaba said. "It's their child. That's their decision."

19/43 News discovered that the owner of one of the stores that did sell a racy comic book to the underage child didn't have much of a handle of the merchandise on her shelves.

"I didn't know this was on the shelf," she said. "That's on the shelf? I'm very disturbed by it -- very disturbed."

The comic book industry is self-regulated, so parents must keep their eye out for what their kids are reading because some publishers choose not to meet the standards set by the Comics Code Authority.