Cat Fight Brewing Over Proposed Leash Law

AKRON, Ohio - A cat fight is brewing in Akron over a proposed cat leash law, 19/43 News' Bill Younkin reported.

The idea is to help clamp down on stray cats roaming around the neighborhoods and getting into things that they shouldn't get into, like garden beds.

Some council members said that the law stands a good chance of passing because they're tired of hearing cat-horror stories from annoyed residents.

"It's very annoying to be going out and gardening, and see my tomato plants and my vegetables to have cat poop," neighbor Susan Jenkins said.

If the proposal is passed into law, the city will provide traps to its residents. If a cat walks into a trap and gets locked inside, they would then be taken to the animal shelter, where owners would have three days to pick them up.

If the cats were not picked up, the animals would be put down.

A final vote on the cat law proposal could take place on Monday night.