Mail Carrier Helps Rescue Local Man Stranded In Bathtub

CHARDON, Ohio (AP) - A 92-year-old northeast Ohio man said that he owes his life to his postal carrier.

Postal carrier John Gregorich said that he always drops the mail through a slot on the side of Robert Painter's house in Chardon.

Each time, Painter would lower his newspaper and wave from his recliner.

Gregorich said that he got worried when he saw Painter had three untouched newspapers and wasn't in his living room when he came to deliver the mail, so he asked police to check on him.

Officers found Painter in his bathtub on Friday. Painter said that he had fallen into the tub nearly three days before and wasn't strong enough to get out.

Painter is recovering from dehydration and bumps and bruises at Geauga Regional Hospital.

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