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Boy Sentenced For Bringing Dynamite To School

WARREN, Ohio (AP) - A 17-year-old who brought two sticks of dynamite and blasting caps to school will serve one to four years in juvenile detention.

Timothy Ben Cook was stopped and searched Feb. 14 by Champion High School officials after his father called the school. No one was hurt.

The dynamite was removed from the 520-student school and was detonated safely near this northeast Ohio community about 50 miles southeast of Cleveland. Students were evacuated and sent home early.

Cook pleaded guilty last month to delinquency by way of assault on a school administrator and delinquency by way of unlawful possession of a dangerous ordnance.

"I'm sorry for the lives that I endangered. I've had a lot of time to think about this. Being in jail has done me good. I've hung out with bad people. But I love my family," Cook told Trumbull County Juvenile Court Magistrate Monte Horton on Tuesday.

The teen-ager could be held in an Ohio Department of Youth Services facility until he's 21, assistant prosecutor David Toepfer said.

Cook's father, Timothy, has pleaded innocent to a felony count of possession of a dangerous ordnance. He remains free on bond and has a preliminary hearing April 4.

Police said Timothy Cook used to work in coal mines and had explosives stored in his garage. He told authorities that he didn't know they were still there.

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