Crime Crusading Councilwoman's Grandson Injured In Shooting

CLEVELAND - One of Cleveland's toughest crime fighters had her own family attacked on Wednesday night, 19/43 News' Paul Orlousky reported.

City councilwoman Fannie Lewis has been known to crusade against drugs and crime in the Hough neighborhood of Cleveland, but those same streets was the place where her grandson was shot on Wednesday.

Carl Lewis, 22, is a father of two, and he is the grandchild that Fannie calls her "election grandbaby" because he was born the day after she was elected in 1979.

The phone rang non-stop at Fannie's house on Thursday. Concerned family and friends were calling to find out what happened.

Sadly, violence is no stranger to Fannie. Approximately 10 years ago, a family friend was shot and killed -- gunned down on the sidewalk in front of her home. Her grandson was wounded only two blocks away.

Fannie's crusades have left a mark on Hough. Many vacant houses sometimes used in drug trade are now boarded up. Where empty lots once sprouted weeds, a mix of luxury homes and moderately priced housing stands. Along with them are the jobs that they brought to the area.

"It creates work for our business and other businesses too," landscaper Jason Jones said. "Plus, it makes the neighborhood look better."

Despite all of the work and progress, Wednesday's shooting raised questions about the neighborhoods safety. The shooting left Fannie shaken, placing her trust in God and pledging to continue the fight.

"Tragedy hits everybody's life," Fannie said. "I'm no different than anyone else. That's why I'm out here working because I know what it means when that happens."

Carl, who was shot in the chest, is in critical condition at Huron Road Hospital. Who shot him and why he was shot are facts that are as of yet unknown.