Ohio Memory Online Scrapbook

Here's a sampler of images from the Ohio Memory Online Scrapbook -- an Internet site introduced Tuesday by the Ohio Historical Society:

  • Friendship Quilt: Women of the Kent Universalist Church put together a quilt in 1890 that includes the signatures of church members. Submitted by the Kent Historical Society.
  • Cincinnati Flood: Photographs of damage caused by an 1884 flood in Cincinnati. Submitted by the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County.
  • Dunkleosteus terrelli: A fossil of a 4-foot, 8-inch fish that swam Ohio's seas during the late Devonian Period, about 350 million years ago. Submitted by the Cleveland Museum of Natural History.
  • Temperance Army: A pro-prohibition song set in sheet music from 1874. Submitted by the Ohio State University Music and Dance Library.
  • First Flight: A photographic record of the Wright Brothers' first flight on Dec. 17, 1903. Submitted by Wright State University.
  • Let's Dance: Invitation and dance card from an 1864 dance attended by officer-guards from the Johnson's Island prison camp. Submitted by the Sandusky Library-Follett House Museum.
  • Youngstown Doctor: The handwritten daybook documenting the career of Henry Manning, who served as a surgeon during the War of 1812 and opened the first pharmacy in Youngstown in 1815. Submitted by the Rose Melnick Medical Museum, Youngstown State University.

SOURCE: Ohio Historical Society

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