Wet Roads Plus Cold Temperatures Equals Dangerous Conditions

CLEVELAND – Ever since the calendar officially marked the beginning of spring, the weather in northeast Ohio has been for the most part lousy, but the worst might be yet to come, 19/43 News' Bill Younkin reported.

In a seasonal role reversal, our unbelievably mild winter has been followed by a spring that can only be described as winterlike.

The region was hit hard by snow on Monday and a sleet/freezing rain mix made for slick roadways on Tuesday, but the below-freezing temperatures could make Wednesday's morning commute the trickiest and most dangerous obstacle presented by Mother Nature.

In round three of this spring storm, the cold temps in Greater Cleveland could turn the slushy, wet sidewalks and highways into a giant ice rink.

"It's very crappy," motorist Eric Veard said. "I'm surprised that we're having January and February weather now. I thought we were out of the woods, but obviously we are not."

"I'm very tired of it," another motorist said.

"Enjoy it. That's all you can do," Lorain County teacher Jim Engle said.

Engle admitted that it might be easier for him to enjoy the weather because the snow led to the cancellation of school, thus giving him a day off.

"We usually get some snow in March," he said. "Sometimes we get some in April and sometimes in May."