Friends Of Murdered Deli Clerk Might Finally Have Justice

CLEVELAND – Almost immediately after a Cleveland deli clerk was gunned down in January on the city's west side, his friends and family took to the streets demanding justice, and now they might finally have it, 19/43 News' Ed Gallek reported.

Police officials said that they have two suspects in the murder of Johnny Yahya behind bars.

On Wednesday, a grand jury indicted the two men for Yahya's murder. The developments came as a relief to people at the store on West 89th Street where Yahya was shot to death.

His family, however, said that they want revenge.

"I want to kill them. I want to kill them," the victim's wife, Rola Yahya, said.

Rola, who was left without a husband, said that nothing less than the death penalty would satisfy her.

Brothers Calvin and Andre Hill do, in fact, face the death penalty. Police officials said that they are the ones who robbed and shot Johnny.

The robbers wore masks, so it was difficult for police to track them down. Detectives said that they received a crucial lead after finding a broken gun, black-hooded sweatshirts and T-shirts at the scene.

Beyond that, investigators got tips and did some DNA testing.

The suspects live just 30 blocks from the murder scene, and they've been busted for other vicious, cold-hearted crimes. Both men have been charged with another violent store hold-up, and Andre is also accused of killing someone else in another robbery.

Rola said that she could not wait to face them in court.

Court records shed even more light on the brutality of the Yahya killing. Police officials said that the robbers hit Yahya with a small pistol, causing the gun to break. When Yahya couldn't open the safe, the robbers started to leave before coming back to kill the deli clerk.