Local Cinemas Give Teens Chance To Rock With NSync

AKRON, Ohio (AP) - Even though the warm bodies of the NSync band weren't actually there, some young ladies began screaming more than 20 minutes before the show was to begin on Thursday night in Akron.

Akron is one of two cities in America that is testing a new concept called InTheater being offered by Regal Cinemas.

It's the latest entertainment concept combining technology with pop culture.

InTheater blends concert footage with a nightclub atmosphere, peeks behind stage and digital video and audio to create what the company says is an effect that engulfs the audience.

The ticket price is $15.

The company's chief executive, Gary Standard, said that this concept could fill a void for cities or towns that rarely show up on the tour schedules.

On Thursday night, thundering bass accompanied a film that allowed the audience to see droplets of sweat roll from the heads of Justin Timberlake and company. Once the show got started, at least 60 teens hit the dance floor to sway in time to the songs and mimic NSync's moves.

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