Ohio Stamp With Image Of Cleveland On It Debuts In Columbus

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) - A new stamp bearing the words "Greetings From Ohio," along with a view of Cleveland's Veterans Memorial Bridge debuted on Thursday morning.

The stamp is being sold as part of a $17 set of 50 stamps (one for each state) collectively called "Greetings From America."

The stamp was distributed free of charge on Thursday, but you had to travel to Columbus to get it. That's because the stamp that bears a ceremonial first-day postmark was officially dedicated in the state capital.

"I've seen collectors fly all over the country just to get that first-day postmark," said Ray Jacobs, U.S. Postal Service spokesman in Columbus.

Each of the self-adhesive stamps will be dedicated in the capital of the state it shows. The free copies of the Ohio were available at the Statehouse and at the Main Post Office in Columbus.

The stamps' artist, Lonnie Busch of North Carolina, imitated the exaggerated scenic look of postcards from the 1930s and 1940s. He picked the landmarks from photos, going purely by aesthetics.

"When I came across the bridge, I fell in love with it," Busch said.

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