Feds Approve Removing Reactor Building At Former NASA Site

SANDUSKY, Ohio (AP) - The Nuclear Regulatory Commission has approved a plan to remove a building that once housed a nuclear test reactor at a NASA research center.

NASA has been seeking approval for its $110 million plan at the Plum Brook Research Station since December 1999, said Keith Peecook, a NASA engineer working on the project.

From 1962 to 1973, the facility housed a nuclear reactor to conduct research on the effects of radiation on metal. It was part of a program to develop nuclear-powered rocket engines.

The reactor last operated in 1973 and the nuclear fuel was removed from the site that year.

NASA wants to remove of all the structures on the 27-acre site, leaving only a grassy field by 2007.

A building that once housed the reactor, which contains as much as 70 percent of the dangerous radioactive material remaining at the site, will be removed.

NASA has been removing some material from the site since July, Peecook said Monday.

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