Police Investigating Molestation Allegation Against Teacher

CLEVELAND - A teacher in the Cleveland Municipal School District was pulled from his classroom after an 11-year-old girl said that he sexually molested her, 19/43 News' Paul Orlousky reported.

19/43 News is not identifying the teacher because he has not yet been charged with anything, but the girl's parents are suing the school -- Cranwood Elementary.

Despite the fact that the allegation was made months ago, many parents of Cranwood students with whom 19/43 News talked didn't know about it, and expressed shock and concern over the allegation and lawsuit. One couple said that it made them want to take their 9-year-old child out of the school.

"Any allegation that sounds potentially serious is taken seriously," district spokesman Dan Minnich said.

District administrators confirmed that, in January, they pulled the teacher from his classroom duties and started to investigate the charges.

The information that district investigators collected was included in a report that the district recently presented to the Cleveland Police Department. The report said that the 11-year-old student claimed that she was forced to stay after class and was kissed on the lips by her teacher and, before that, he had taken her into a bathroom and pulled her pants down.

No other parents or students have complained about the teacher, but something went wrong starting last year -- the teacher started getting poor job reviews for the first time. Police are looking to see if that's just part of a much more serious problem.

Again, the teacher has not been charged with any crime, but police are investigating.

The 11-year-old's parents said that they're suing the district because their daughter is so traumatized that she'll definitely need long-term care.