Bishop: Parishes Will Have To 'Earn' Back Trust Of People

CLEVELAND - Sex scandals rocking the Catholic Church in America could cost the church millions in legal fees, 19/43 News reported.

That growing bill is giving parishioners new worries. Many are asking if the church's attorneys will be paid with money meant for Catholic charities.

Cleveland Bishop Anthony Pilla (pictured, right) told 19/43 News' Denise Dufala that parishioners shouldn't worry.

Pilla said that legal fees are paid by certain church investment funds, and no charity money is used. The bishop added that the money isn't the most important to him right now.

"First and foremost, I need to be concerned about correcting what was a deficient response to the victims and their families," Pilla said.

Pilla said that each parish would have to "earn" back the trust of the people.