3 Explosions In 3 Days Rock 3 Different Parma Homes

PARMA, Ohio - Three explosions in three days caused damage at three different homes in Parma, 19/43 News' Harry Boomer reported.

The first explosion happened on Friday night and rocked the home of city service director Gary Seffel.

An hour later, another device went off at his father's house.

Then, on Sunday night, somebody detonated a third explosive on the front lawn of the home (pictured, above) belonging to city personnel director Gerianna Vanek.

"I heard probably the loudest noise anybody could ever, ever imagine hearing," Vanek said.

No one was hurt in the explosions, but they did cause damage to all of the homes.

City executives said that the blasts were meant to intimidate the city managers, getting back at them for recent city layoffs.

Federal agents and the Parma Police Department are now investigating.