11-Year-Old Electrocuted In Swimming Pool While On Vacation

WESTLAKE - A local couple is suffering after their 11-year-old child was electrocuted in a swimming pool while on vacation, 19/43 News' Bill Younkin reported.

It happened at the Intercontinental Hotel in San Jose del Cabo, Mexico.

19/43 News spoke with the child's devastated family on Wednesday from their home in Westlake.

The family's spring vacation turned deadly when 11-year-old Tom Kiczek was electrocuted while swimming in the pool of the luxury resort hotel.

"It is every parent's nightmare," Tom's uncle, George Soos, said. "What more can you say."

The child's parents and sister are in mourning after returning from the popular Pacific Coast resort overnight. Now, they are planning a funeral.

"All the faith in the world does not take away the pain," the family's priest, the Rev. James Klein, said.

Klein, who preaches at St. Bernadette's Church, spoke with Tom's parents as soon as they returned from Mexico.

"He is in heaven, he's happy, his running and having all the good times, but on a daily basis, it's still going to be so painful for many years ahead," Klein said.

Adding to the tragedy is the fact that it might all have been prevented. According to reports out of Mexico, several hotel guests had received a shock in the pool, and at least one warned hotel personnel, but nothing was done.

Police said that a bad underwater electric light recessed in the side of the pool could be to blame. Their investigation, however, remains ongoing.

Witnesses said that when Tim dived into the pool, he immediately went into convulsions. He died several hours later.

Soos read a statement from the family thanking friends for their support. They are now in seclusion, trying to come to terms with losing their only son.

"It's a very difficult time," Soos said.

19/43 News attempted to get a comment from the parent company of the resort, but they did not want to comment on the tragic accident.

Funeral arrangements for the 11-year-old are still being made.