About United Wireless

United Wireless has been Northeast Ohio's Communications Headquarters for over 10 years. We find solutions for your personal and your business needs. Although we have grown to be the largest agent in this area, we continue to provide you with the personalized service which is the cornerstone of our reputation. United Wireless is the only place in northeast Ohio offering: ALLTEL,
AT&T Wireless, Cingular, Nextel, Sprint PCS, and T-Mobile. At United Wireless, "It's Your Call". With a wide array of phones and accessories, our knowledgeable sales staff will put together the right combination for you. For our latest offerings, check out our current offers page or call or visit any of our 18 locations.

Our Mission is to:

  • Amaze our customers
  • Develop our employees
  • Partner with our vendors
  • Serve our communities
  • Explode our brand
  • Grow smartly and profitably
  • Deliver cutting edge products and services
  • Present superior choice and value
  • Sustain competitive advantage

Vision Statement:

Our vision is to be the leading multi-channel wireless retailer/distributor in the markets we serve. We will provide our customers choice, knowledge, service, and convenience. As we strive to realize our vision, we will treat our customers, employees, vendors, and the communities we serve ethically, professionally, and fairly.

Core Values:

Our Platinum Rule: treat our employees, customers, suppliers, vendors, and the communities we serve with the utmost respect, trust, and fairness.

  • Customer satisfaction is the core of our company's purpose and mission. Our customers deserve no less than the very best in attitute, attention, and forthright information.
  • Our employees are our most important assets. We believe the key to employee satisfaction lies in the development and empowerment of the individual. Everyone should understand their responsibilities and take ownership of them.
  • We will take an active interest in assuring our employees maintain a positive work/life balance.
  • Every action we take at United Wireless will bring positive results personally and financially.
  • We focus on growth of our market share, geographic expansion and maximum return on investments.
  • We at United Wireless believe a unified vision leads to success. Our leadership must clearly communicate our expectations for behavior and performance. In turn, they must epitomize the standards set for others.
  • At United Wireless, we are forward thinkers, constantly promoting innovative ideas and solutions, continuous growth, and new opportunites while embracing both risks and failures as learning experiences.
  • We deliver knowledge and choices of wireless technologies and their applications at a competitive price.