Ohio Man Doesn't Have To Wait Long For New Heart

ANSONIA, Ohio (AP) - When doctors determined that 23-year-old Dan Turner needed a new heart, his family expected a bit of a wait.

Four days later, two hearts were available.

Turner, the son of Ansonia Police Chief Roy Turner, received the heart transplant last week and is recovering at the Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland.

In 1995, Dan Turner was working at a dairy farm when he was kicked in the chest by a cow. When the pain in his chest didn't go away for several months, he went to the hospital and was diagnosed with an enlarged heart.

In May 1996, Turner's heart stopped, but he was revived at the hospital. Three years later, Turner collapsed at home and had to return to the hospital.

After doctors determined that Turner had only 22 percent heart function and he began experiencing shortness of breath a few months ago, doctors decided he needed a new heart fast to survive.

Turner was admitted to the Cleveland Clinic on March 22. Four days later, a heart was found, but doctors decided it was not good enough to be transplanted. That same day, Turner's heart stopped twice, and he had to be resuscitated.

A few hours later, a second heart was found and determined to be in perfect condition. The transplant was made the next day.

"He looked great," said Turner's sister, Renea McCleskey. "He was still on the ventilator, but his hands were warm and his heart was beating strong. He was aware of what was going on and communicated with us by writing notes."

Ansonia is about 35 miles northwest of Dayton.

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