Metal Detectors Could Be Helping Thieves Rip You Off

CLEVELAND - At Cleveland's Justice Center, metal detectors installed to protect you could be helping thieves rip you off, 19/43 News' Ed Gallek reported.

Visitors at the Justice Center hand over purses and briefcases to be screened, but by the time one woman put her purse on the conveyor and walked through the metal detector, someone stole it.

A thief swiped the woman's purse off of the conveyor despite deputies standing nearby with badges, guns and handcuffs.

"When you're in the Justice Center, you can go right to the County Jail, so to take something like that is just crazy," Justice Center visitor Janise Stennies said.

Sheriff's deputies did track down a suspect after a security camera caught another woman using the stolen credit cards at a hotel bar and gift shop.

A grand jury has just indicted Margaret Gallagher for the theft.