Police Getting Hi-Tech Help To Bust Credit Card Thieves

STRONGSVILLE, Ohio - Strongsville police are out looking for people cashing in on stolen credit cards, and now they have some hi-tech help, 19/43 News' Denise Strzelczyk exclusively reported.

Police said that Target stores have one of the most sophisticated surveillance camera systems that they have ever seen, and you might be able to help police nab a thief by viewing the video recorded in the Strongsville Target.

On the tape, two men are seen walking through the store, and one of the men (pictured in the surveillance video, above) can be seen attempting to purchase almost $1,000 worth of merchandise on a stolen credit card.

His total purchase was so high that a vigilant cashier asked for identification. The suspect told the cashier that he didn't have any ID, so he and the other man walked out. Target security guards, however, kept their cameras rolling.

"Through backtracking, we researched it," Strongsville Police Department Sgt. Lee Colegrove said. "We were able to confirm the credit card was stolen and notify the victim."

Police said that they, unfortunately, notified the victim too late because the suspect had already charged $2,000 on the victim's stolen cards. Besides Target, purchases were also made in Sears and Victoria's Secret.

The victim said he believes that his card was stolen at a fitness center. Police said that they aren't surprised by that because dozens of credit cards are stolen at fitness centers while people are working out.

"While they are working out, there's no one watching the lockers, so people tend to help themselves," Colegrove said.

Police warn that many thieves will take just one credit card and leave your wallet behind, hoping that you won't notice the theft until it's too late.

Strongsville police are still looking for the suspect on the Target videotape, and they said that they could use your help in identifying him.