Would-Be Robbers Abduct Bank Manager, But Bungle Plan

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) - Would-be bank robbers took the manager of a suburban Worthington bank hostage the night before a planned heist.

Police said three armed men broke into the home of the newly hired manager Monday night, tied up him and his roommate and waited for morning to arrive.

At 6:30 a.m. Tuesday, two of the assailants forced the manager to drive them to the bank. Worthington police said the would-be robbers threatened to kill the roommate if anything went wrong.

The manager unlocked the bank's doors and entered with his kidnappers without the alarm sounding, but a keypad security system inside tripped up the robbery attempt.

The alarm sounded and both assailants fled, leaving the manager unharmed.

Meanwhile, the other abductor made off with the roommate's car.

The would-be bandits remained at large on Wednesday.

Worthington police Sgt. Jim Mosic said he thinks the assailants tried to convince the manager that they were professional robbers.

"They had claimed they knew when and where he worked and gave the impression that they had cased the bank," he said.

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