Police Say Arrest Of Convicted Rapist Might End Crime Spree

CLEVELAND – Police said they think that they might have brought an end to a string of robberies and rapes in a Cleveland neighborhood by catching a man who had just gotten out of prison for rape, 19/43 News' Ed Gallek reported.

According to a woman who was almost victimized, a strange, violent man tried to barge through the door to her house. The woman doesn't speak English, but she said that she had no problem understanding that the man was demanding money.

The woman's husband agreed to tell 19/43 News what happened, provided that he or his wife wouldn't be identified. He said that his wife was very scared, but is thankful that the suspect didn't get what he wanted.

"I feel lucky. I feel very lucky," the man said. "That could have been worse."

Cleveland police said that the woman was lucky because it has been much worse for some other women lately. They said they believe that the same man has repeatedly attacked women, robbing some and raping others.

Police said that the man finally picked the wrong house -- attacking the wife of a Cleveland police officer. The cop chased the suspect, and eventually, several officers got him down.

19/43 News is not identifying the suspect yet because police are having victims look at line-ups to make sure that he's the right man.