Woman Stabbed To Death In Front Of Dozens Of Witnesses

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) - Police said a woman was stabbed to death by her husband on a busy street near downtown on Thursday as a horrified lunchtime crowd watched.

Tecia Coleman, 36, of Columbus was savagely stabbed numerous times with a 12-inch knife. Her husband of less than a year, Robert Smith, 47, was arrested and charged with murder.

The stabbing occurred on a sidewalk crowded with people along a street with heavy traffic. Police Detective Pat Dorn said he never had a case with so many witnesses.

Dorn said an off-duty firefighter followed Smith as he fled and pointed him out to responding police officers.

Keith Hayes said he witnessed the attack but there was little he could do. He said the assailant threatened him, too. He said he was close enough that blood splashed in his face.

"I just wish that nobody would have seen it. My heart's pounding, tears are coming to my eyes and I'm praying. That's how terrible it is."

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