Sisters Accused Of Plotting To Kill Their Adoptive Parents

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) - Two teen-age sisters in suburban Groveport have been charged with plotting to kill their adoptive parents.

Shay Edwards, 16, and India Edwards, 15, were being held Friday on juvenile deliquency counts of conspiracy to murder and inducing panic, said Franklin County sheriff's Detective Al Judy.

The girls appeared in Franklin County Juvenile Court on Thursday and were ordered held until a second hearing next Friday.

Judy said the girls had recruited the killers, planned how they wanted the killings done and determined when they were to take place.

"There was pretty much a set plan on it. They had a time frame at least," Judy said.

Judy declined to release the names of the parents. Adoption records are confidential.

Authorities said the girls had no specific reason for wanting their parents dead, other than they thought they were mean.

Judy declined to comment on details of the plot but said other arrests may follow.

"We still haven't found everyone else. We think there are others involved," Judy said.

He said other Groveport Madison school students overheard the plot being discussed and reported it to school officials.

Judy and Groveport Madison High School Principal Keith Bell both credited the students and school staff members with preventing a tragedy.

"People think you need metal detectors in schools," Bell said. "I've always said you need positive relations with the kids."

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