Search Underway For Teen Who Ran Off With Older Man

BROOKLYN, Ohio – A nationwide search has started for a teen-age Brook Park girl who was allegedly seduced and taken away by a 32-year-old man, 19/43 News' Ed Gallek exclusively reported.

Police said that they think Joshua Plum, a mechanic at the school operated by Cleveland Baptist Church, might have fled the state with 15-year-old Ginie Black (pictured, right).

Federal investigators have filed sex charges against Plum, but that doesn't help Ginie's parents, Rick Black and De Viancourt, from worrying.

"Ginie, I love you," Rick said. "Whatever the problem is, if there is a problem, call us. Talk to us. Let mom and I know what's going on in your head. We want to know. We need to know so that we can get you the help that you need."

"It's been hard, and the not knowing is so difficult," Viancourt said.

Police said that Ginie and Plum disappeared on April 1 after Plum's wife had confronted him about a note that Ginie had written him.

""The reason I involved the FBI is because there's a possibility they may have gone out of state," Brook Park police spokesman Edwin Biglang-Awa said. "They had talked about going to Pennsylvania or Connecticut."

The two were last seen in a bright yellow Chevrolet Cavalier with blue bumpers. If you have any information on their whereabouts, you are encouraged to call the Federal Bureau of Investigation or the Brook Park Police Department.