Kent Professor Wants Coworker Fired Over Suicide Bomber Column

KENT, Ohio (AP) - A Kent State University professor said that one of his colleagues should be fired over a column that he wrote supporting a Palestinian suicide bomber.

The column by history professor Julio Pino was published Monday in the student-run Daily Kent Stater. It asks Allah to "protect the soldiers of Islam fighting in Palestine" and refers to an 18-year-old suicide bomber as a martyr.

English professor Lewis Fried -- who is Jewish -- said that Pino should be fired. He said that Pino is calling for people to be killed and poses a danger to everyone on campus.

Fried also said that the university should report Pino to the FBI.

Pino -- who converted to Islam two years ago -- tells The Akron Beacon Journal he isn't urging students to become suicide bombers.

He said that he's trying to explain why the bombings happened.

Kent State spokesman Ron Kirksey said that he's not aware of any plans to discipline Pino.

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