OSU Suspends 7 Students Over Rowdy Weekend Parties

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) - Ohio State University on Monday suspended seven students accused of being involved in rowdy weekend house parties near campus that led to 26 arrests.

"This kind of stuff is totally unacceptable," said William Hall, Ohio State's vice president of student affairs.

Police in riot gear used tear gas to disperse crowds early Sunday morning as revelers threw bottles at car windows, stood on cars and ran through the streets.

Hall said the seven were arrested for charges ranging from rioting to assaulting a police officer.

The students will have three days to meet with Hall's office to determine what kind of punishment, if any, is appropriate.

Depending on the circumstances of each case, he said, the outcome could vary from having the suspension lifted to expulsion.

Hall said 15 other students arrested for less serious offenses received warning letters.

Off-campus parties got so out of control on two weekends last April that Ohio State officials adopted new disciplinary measures.

Students whose parties become too rowdy now can be suspended and possibly expelled.

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