Tragic Love Triangle Ends As Husband Gets Sentenced

CLEVELAND – Tuesday brought about an end to a tragic love triangle as a jilted husband was sentenced to 33 years in prison for killing his wife, 19/43 News reported.

Ricardo Leon's mother broke down in tears after hearing her son admit that he's a killer.

Leon went into a jealous rage last year and gunned his wife down in the lobby of the Cleveland Clinic.

Monica Leon was a nurse at the clinic.

Ricardo said that he lost it when he saw Monica show up at work with her ex-husband.

"That's a cross that I carry every day -- the loss of my wife," Ricardo said in court. "I'll never get her back. No one can impose a penalty great enough to replace my wife."

Ricardo said that he made a mistake by letting his wife's ex-husband back into their lives. He also told his mother that he was not worthy of being her son.

No family members commented during or after the sentencing.