Local Day-Care Worker Accused Of Abusing Children

BROADVIEW HEIGHTS, Ohio - A northeast Ohio day-care worker was arrested on Tuesday, accused of doing some very bad things to a baby boy, 19/43 News' Wendy Gillette reported.

The day-care worker was employed at the Children's House on East Royalton Road in Broadview Heights.

19/43 News spoke exclusively with one parent who used to bring her little boy to the facility, and now believes that her baby was abused.

Colleen Calvey cherishes her 18-month-old son Jared. So, naturally, she was stunned when a social worker from Cuyahoga County Children's Services called her last week to tell her that a caretaker at Jared's day care had reported that a co-worker was abusing the child.

"My main concern is this woman never has a right to work with children again," Calvey said. "I don't want any parent to go through this."

The woman accused of abusing Jared and two other children looked upset and shaken in court on Tuesday. Shannon Parker, 22, of Independence, faces three felony charges of endangering children and three misdemeanor assault charges.

A Broadview Heights police report describes allegations made by Parker's co-workers, including the following:

  • That she threw Jared on the ground to get him to stay in the corner.
  • That she forced him to spend almost entire days in time out.
  • That she put on rubber gloves and force-fed Jared to the point where he would vomit.
  • That she forced other children to lie facedown on the ground in time out -- nose touching the carpet.
  • That she dragged children by their arms so hard that their feet wouldn't touch the ground.

Parker's attorney, Patrick Leneghan, denies the charges.

"There are several disgruntled employees as well as parents that have been led to believe that things occurred which haven't," Leneghan said. "The facility maintains adequate records which seem to indicate nothing has transpired."

"Children are being hurt," Calvey said. "Just because they can't talk doesn't mean they can't tell you what is happening."

An attorney representing the day-care center told 19/43 News that the center conducted its own investigation, interviewing workers in the room when the abuse allegedly took place. He said that no abuse was substantiated.

Parker is now free on bond, but she won't be returning to work because one requirement is that she stay away from the facility.