8-Year-Old Talks About Being Shot During Attempted Carjacking

CLEVELAND - An 8-year-old boy talked for the first time on Tuesday about what it felt like to get shot as some guys tried to steal his father's car, 19/43 News' Neki Mohan reported.

A day after being shot in an attempted carjacking, young Devonte Scott (pictured, right) said that he wants justice.

"I just hope they catch the people that did this," he said.

Devonte talked to 19/43 News on Tuesday from his bed at Saint Michael's Hospital.

Police have arrested several of the seven suspects that Devonte's father, Leonard Gwin, said cornered him just after he picked up the child and his little sister from school.

The attack went down on West 7th Street and Starkweather on Monday. The heavily armed suspects came at Gwin and his children in two cars.

"One car blocked the way so we couldn't go," Devonte said. "Then, one bullet went through the backseat and hit my arm."

The bullet traveled from his upper arm to his wrist. Surgeons said that he would be just fine.

"I saw the bullet-hole in the backseat, and my friend jumped up and screamed, 'He's shot,'" Gwin said.

He was able to escape the scene and he drove straight to the hospital.

An 18-year-old is believed to be the triggerman. Gwin said that he would do everything that he could to see that the men responsible are locked up for long time. He also delivered a message for them.

"You almost took my son life, my daughter life," Gwin said. "Glitter and gleam isn't all what it looks like. You can get a job and buy nice things."

"I just want to say thank God they didn't hit me in the head or nothing else," Devonte said.